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Fort Lincoln New Town or Dakota Corssing?

The 42  new Town Homes now being marketed as Cityscape at Dakota Crossing
The 42 new Town Homes now being marketed as Cityscape at Dakota Crossing

It appears that the 42 new Townhomes known as the Fort Lincoln Drive Banneker site is now being marketed as ‘Cityscape at Dakota Crossing’ and promises sweeping city views according to The Concordia Group’s website. I don’t mind the name, however, it does bring to question the neighborhood naming structure and if we are in fact becoming two separate neighborhoods.  Often times when describing the neighborhood to friends and colleagues the name Fort Lincoln often results in blank stares. They all know exactly where Dakota Crossing is or more specifically the Townhomes at Costco.   Dakota Crossing, Fort Lincoln’s newest retail and residential community, consist of The Dakota Crossing Town Homes (209 homes), The Villages at Dakota Crossing Townhomes and Condos( 334 homes) The Shops at Dakota Crossing (430,000SF Retail), the soon to be Cityscape at Dakota Crossing Town Homes ( 42 Homes), and potentially 300 new Apartments and 50 new Condos  that could bear the Dakota Crossing Suffix.  This could result in over 1,000 new residents which would account for about half of the population of Fort Lincoln.  Fort Lincoln New Town which consists primarily of senior rental towers, Washington Overlook Apartments @Fort Lincoln and condos which typically carry the Fort Lincoln Suffix.  Typically the homes and residents are older in the ‘New Town’ section of Fort Lincoln however, their relevance are just as important to the fabric of the neighborhood. However, at the current rate and scale of new developments carrying the Dakota Crossing Suffix I believe that overtime Dakota Crossing will become the prominent name when referencing the entire neighborhood.   Just my opinion, what do you think?

Development News Update (Catching Up)

Photo Courtesy of The Washington Post

Good-Bye Wal-Mart; Hello… Dance Party?  The planned Wal-Mart Development located between  New York Ave. and Bladensburg Road has fallen through and the parcel is now up for sale. According to the Washington Business Journal, Councilman Vincent Orange wants to turn it into a Entertainment District. Doesn’t seem sustainable at first glance however, Mr. Orange will hear from me fairly soon on this one. Vincent Orange sees Wal-Mart’s end on New York Avenue NE as an Opportunity ( WBJ)

New Apartments, Planet Fitness, & Mom’s Organic Market Planned for Hecht’s District  The Ceremonial Ground Breaking took place last week for the Hecht’s District which included the announcement of a Planet Fitness Gym.  I reached out to the Developer of the Shops at Dakota Crossing to see how this announcement impacts retail selection at the Shops and it was explained that none of the recent activity/announcements at other projects has had any effect on the Shops.  However, no details could be given on who the actual retailers are  at this time for the Shops.  Officials Dig Into a Sandbox to Launch Transformation of Hecht Building (WCP)

Lowes Update  The Washington Business Journal also announced that the Contract with Lowes has been signed and Construction is slated for this summer.  I did verify  with other Sources close to the Project and was told that this could start as early as May.  This should also include the connector road to Ft. Lincoln Drive however, if no traffic infrastructure is in place ( i.e. Electronic Signals) this is a disaster waiting to happen.  Lowe’s to join Costco at D.C.’s Shops at Dakota Crossing (WBJ)

Also… Did you know that the Days Inn on New York Ave. was being used as a homeless shelter…  City Faces a Growing Crisis in Housing Homeless Families (WCP)

Fort Lincoln Development Update

Ft. Lincoln Banneker_Jordan - BZA Application_04-08-2013

Banneker Site Town Homes – Permits are in for the 42 Townhomes at the Banneker site which borders Fort Lincoln Drive. According to sources at the Concordia Group the project is progressing as planned and site work is slated to start around mid-year 2014. During the  FLCA meeting last year, the Developers noted that these will be the premier homes of Fort Lincoln, featuring roof top decks, high-end exterior surfaces and interior finishes, as well as breath taking views of the city.  Prices were thought to be in the Upper $500,000 to Lower $600,000 range.

New Apartments? – During the heavy snow fall last week I did notice that drilling was taking in place in the wetlands Area along Hurston Lane.  This type drilling typically means that test bores are being taken to analyze the soil conditions for construction of a road or building structure.  It is possible that the construction of the Apartments is starting soon, I will need to research a little further.

Shops at Dakota Crossing – Lowes is apparently still on, however, due to the amount of remaining earthwork, will start once weather conditions improve.  Will keep my fingers crossed there.  Due to the recent grocery store saturation within proximity to the Shops at Dakota Crossing ( Costco, Shoppers, Wal-Mart, Giant, Whole Foods, &etc.) it’s not likely that the 3rd large retail space will be a grocery store.  The vendor selection is still not finalized however, it is likely to be a Fitness Center Tenant. I will get with Bob King (ANC Commissioner) to start posting polls for what types of smaller retail residents would  like to see to be able to influence the decisions for that retail.  However, as we all know the decision ultimately falls with the Developer and market conditions.

The map below shows the current master plan for Fort Lincoln.

Fort  Lincoln Master plan

Detailed Bike Trail Plans From Fort Lincoln to NOMA & Anacostia Riverwalk Trail

Bike Trail Connections from Ft Lincoln to NOMA and AWI Page 001

Bike Trails from Fort Lincoln
Click This Link!

Just a few of the plans sent to We Move DC for Bike Trail connections from Fort Lincoln to NOMA and the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. Please note that these are just submitted ideas but definitely a step in the right direction. Is this a path you would take to get downtown given the right development?