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New Restaurant on Bladensburg Road – Dolphins Fish & Chicken

Photo by RL3

I have been watching the very slow renovation for the past few months of this former Wendy’s Restaurant from years ago and alas they have posted the sign for what’s to come,  Dolphin’s Fish & Chicken. Naturally, the use of the words  Dolphin and Chicken in the same sentence intrigued me ( the play on words that is, I don’t eat Dolphin FYI).  Either way, after a little research I was not able to find a website, in fact, the only mentions were on yelp, one in Englewood Chicago that recently closed, another in Michigan.  So I’m guessing this place should  easy on the wallet and hopefully offer some healthy choices.  All in all, it is still a welcomed addition to that corner of Bladensburg Road.  I reached out to the Michigan restaurant and the employee there  wasn’t sure about the DC Restaurant, I will see if I can reach the owner for more details!