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New Restaurant on Bladensburg Road – Dolphins Fish & Chicken

Photo by RL3

I have been watching the very slow renovation for the past few months of this former Wendy’s Restaurant from years ago and alas they have posted the sign for what’s to come,  Dolphin’s Fish & Chicken. Naturally, the use of the words  Dolphin and Chicken in the same sentence intrigued me ( the play on words that is, I don’t eat Dolphin FYI).  Either way, after a little research I was not able to find a website, in fact, the only mentions were on yelp, one in Englewood Chicago that recently closed, another in Michigan.  So I’m guessing this place should  easy on the wallet and hopefully offer some healthy choices.  All in all, it is still a welcomed addition to that corner of Bladensburg Road.  I reached out to the Michigan restaurant and the employee there  wasn’t sure about the DC Restaurant, I will see if I can reach the owner for more details!


Fort Lincoln New Town or Dakota Corssing?

The 42  new Town Homes now being marketed as Cityscape at Dakota Crossing
The 42 new Town Homes now being marketed as Cityscape at Dakota Crossing

It appears that the 42 new Townhomes known as the Fort Lincoln Drive Banneker site is now being marketed as ‘Cityscape at Dakota Crossing’ and promises sweeping city views according to The Concordia Group’s website. I don’t mind the name, however, it does bring to question the neighborhood naming structure and if we are in fact becoming two separate neighborhoods.  Often times when describing the neighborhood to friends and colleagues the name Fort Lincoln often results in blank stares. They all know exactly where Dakota Crossing is or more specifically the Townhomes at Costco.   Dakota Crossing, Fort Lincoln’s newest retail and residential community, consist of The Dakota Crossing Town Homes (209 homes), The Villages at Dakota Crossing Townhomes and Condos( 334 homes) The Shops at Dakota Crossing (430,000SF Retail), the soon to be Cityscape at Dakota Crossing Town Homes ( 42 Homes), and potentially 300 new Apartments and 50 new Condos  that could bear the Dakota Crossing Suffix.  This could result in over 1,000 new residents which would account for about half of the population of Fort Lincoln.  Fort Lincoln New Town which consists primarily of senior rental towers, Washington Overlook Apartments @Fort Lincoln and condos which typically carry the Fort Lincoln Suffix.  Typically the homes and residents are older in the ‘New Town’ section of Fort Lincoln however, their relevance are just as important to the fabric of the neighborhood. However, at the current rate and scale of new developments carrying the Dakota Crossing Suffix I believe that overtime Dakota Crossing will become the prominent name when referencing the entire neighborhood.   Just my opinion, what do you think?

Natural Habitat or Overgrown Disaster – Wetlands @ Dakota Crossing

WetLands in The Spring of 2013.
Wetlands Spring of 2013.

The Wetlands at Dakota Crossing once started out as a barren anomaly transformed into a beautiful migratory retreat for birds and is now transitioning into an overgrown disaster. Gatewaytothecitydc.com has questioned the aesthetic finish and long term maintenance plan for the Wetlands area and have yet to receive an acceptable or even comprehensible response. Now our worse fears are unfolding because not only is it over growing the construction fence ( which also needs maintenance) but no one and I mean no one seems to know who’s responsible for maintaining the wetlands after the development team and construction crews are gone. I encourage all residents to contact Bob King your ANC rep as well as the developer and the DC Department of Parks & Recreation to get to the bottom of who’s maintaining the wetlands. Moreover, the responsible entity need to provide a rendering of what the final product is intended to look like aesthetically so the responsible entity can be held accountable to a Design Standard.
Wetlands Fall of 2013.
Wetlands Fall of 2013.

Lowes Construction Update

I was able communicate with the Principal at Trammell Crow responsible for of the Shops at Dakota Crossing. I was informed that the construction of Lowes is still slated to begin by the end of the year with the store opening in the fall of 2014. The developer is also in negotiations with other retailers for the remaining large parcels, however, negotiations are not final and no information could be provided at this time. I will continue to follow-up with the Developer and will post more info as I receive it. As most of you know this has been the story for the past 6 months, however, my questions were well received and the Developer did seem optimistic that it will happen.

Making Bike Lanes/Trails a Reality in Fort Lincoln

Making Bike Lanes/Trails a Reality in Fort Lincoln

DC Bicycle Master Plan – There has been a lot of interest surrounding bike lane connections from Fort Lincoln to Downtown DC and the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. I have made connections to DDOT and your ideas are needed to help get the plan and funding moving. More details are forthcoming in the following week regarding the next steps to making this happen.