2nd VRE Public Meeting is tonight at 7:00pm for NY Ave. Storage Yard.


Please click the link below of the details of the meeting.

VRE Meeting Information Link


The N.Y. Avenue Eat-Shop Guide Debut! Feature Community – Fort Lincoln!

Over the next two months I will be working to create a publication that will highlight the businesses along the New York Ave. Northeast Gateway.  The goal is to take the relevant negiborhood offerings and compile into one document in an effort to boost the economic feasibility of our community.  The image below is the prototype, and will eventually serve as only 1 page of an entire document. The Eat-Shop Guide will feature Fort Lincoln, Bladensburg Road, Arboretum and Ivy City. It will become a key tool to spur the level of tourism and economic development we need.   Please note that no funds or endorsements were given for the creation of this document.  I created it because nothing else like it exists and it is intended to be the catalyst for the change that we all want to see in our community.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on what to add!  EAT SHOP MAP Fort Lincoln v2

Oh Happy Day: Starbucks Opens in Fort Lincoln This Friday 4/28/2017!

After much anticipation and excitement, Starbucks finally opens its doors in Fort Lincoln at the Shops at Dakota Crossing on this Friday at 5:00am.  Starbucks which is known for its ability to “class up a joint” comes at a great time as the Fort Lincoln Community has increased its density by nearly 700 more townhomes in the past ten years with a large multi-family Residence and more than 100 more towmhomes soon under construction.  Starbucks will be a welcomed addition and will benefit greatly not only from the residents but also the patrons at the Costco Gas Boutique  in which our Starbucks was strategically placed (Yes I just classed up the gas station). I look forward to seeing you there in line on Friday, as well as Saturday for The Fort Lincoln Connection to the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail Walkthrough at 10:30am. Lets show Starbucks what they have been missing all of this time!


Vitamin Shoppe will also have its official Grand Opening on this Saturday  from 11am -6pm and they actually have specials for its patrons. Customers can come in and save on everyday low prices and will have a few more days of buy one get one 50% off.  Customers are invited to come in and check out the new store as well as sample some on-the-go snacks and beverages and… Customers will also have a chance to win a Years’s Worth of Vitamins and supplements!!! A Year’s worth!!! 


T-Moblie is opening soon next to Vitamin Shoppe and is a pretty cool looking store more details to come!


Field Trip – Rescheduled. Details to come!

Proposed Alternative Alighnement

Due to an unfortunate death to someone close to me the field trip has been rescheduled.  Details of the new date coming soon.  Thank you.

Join ANC 5C03 along with the Capital Trails Coalition and WABA as we walk our proposed connection to the Anacostia River Trail.  This connection has been a “long time coming”and will provide a vital transportation alternative for residents of Ward 5.  I will post another article on the background of the project and how we got to where we are today.  DDOT under Mayor Bowser’s administration has done a tremendous job responding to the disparity of transit alternatives in the community.  DDOT has assigned a consultant for the environmental assessment which brings us another step closer to this becoming a reality.

Please note that this is a walking tour, and is not yet accessible by bicycle.  However, you can secure your bike at the meet up location.

Please register using the link below!

Register Here for the Field Trip!

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