Updates on the Shops at Dakota Crossing.  

The excitement is building as many Fort Lincoln Residents as well as others anticipate the eventual opening of the shopping center.  The following is the latest available information.  As always, this information is subject to change.  It’s not final until grand opening.

Building 10


Chipotle – Still Pending

Mid Range Fast Casual – Call your favorite restaurant and tell them to  hurry to Fort Lincoln before it’s too late!

Building 9

Panda Express

Jersey Mikes

Possible Small Fast Casual – Call your favorite take out and tell them to hurry to Fort Lincoln before it’s too late!

Building 8

Pending Small Fast Casual

Pending Cosmetic Related

Pending Cleaning Services Related

Building 7

Vitamin Shoppe


Vision Works

Pending – Financial Related

Buildings 6 & 11

Let’s play a game called your best guest, the winner will be recognized for their retail speculation expertise!  The prize will be the boost to your confidence.  These are Hot locations but unfortunately no finalized decisions.  So call your favorite restaurant and tell them to make like a politician and run… to the Shops At Dakota Crossing!

Preview Event Tomorrow for the Reserve At Dakota Crossing!

Building 10 at The Shops At Dakota Crossing

If you are interested in getting a sneak peak at what’s to come at the Reserve at Dakota Crossing residential development, there will be a Preview event this Saturday, March 25, 2017.  The event is from  noon until 4pm and will be located in Building 10 of the Shops at Dakota crossing.  It’s the half moon shaped building  across from Dick’s Sporting Goods!


More than 90,000 views since 2013. Fort Lincoln Has A Voice. Blog Stats 2013-2017

When I moved back to Fort Lincoln in 2013 I grew incredibly frustrated on the lack of coverage, engagement, and updates with community development.   Even more concerning was the pace and amount of development which had no input from most existing and the majority of new residents.  Today, we not only reach our community but communities across the world in 123 countries with over 90,000 views since 2013. While we still have a long way to go, I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on where we started and where we are headed.  Part of what will keep us relevant is our ability to be informed residents and I will continuously strive to allow Gatewaytothtecitydc.com  to be a platform where residents can get information regarding activity in their community especially as it relates to Fort Lincoln.  This is not an opinion blog, although sometimes it gets injected  but it is simply a conduit of information for the community to consider and act upon.


Where do we go from here?

I now need input from you.  What  other types of news and updates would you like to see?  Is it activity from other developments and communities, more information on meetings, TED Talk info, or more frequent post.  Provide me your feedback and I will work with you to get us the information we need.  Thanks for the support and I look forward to an exciting 2017!



Robert Looper III, Founder & Contriubutor