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Final Post as ANC Commissioner


Over the past few months I’ve been on temporary leave to work on an Airport Project out of town. During this time, I’ve gained a wealth of experience in the Planning and design of an airport and have decided to extend my time there. In doing so I have to step down as ANC Commissioner. This was no easy decision given the amount of work we have put in to go from $0 in Capital Funding to Nearly $40,000,000 to aid in the rebuilding of our school, recreation center and park. Thanks to all of the Seniors, hard-working neighbors , Council-members Kenyan McDuffie, Robert white, Anita Bonds & Mary Cheh and amazing supporters for the work we’ve done. I encourage everyone to become active with the Fort Lincoln Civic Association and continue the fight to make Fort Lincoln, the walkable, livable and amazing community it was always sought out to be.

I will continue to pay to keep this site active to serve as a repository of information during my tenure as ANC commissioner. Once I return to D.C. I will pick up regular posting with plans to expand beyond the immediate Fort Lincoln Area.
Thank you and see you soon!

Fort Lincoln Real Estate & Development Links, In & Around the NY Ave. Gateway

Development Links In & Around the NY Gateway

image via Bisnow

H Street Developments (DC Urban Turf)

The Good The Bad The Obvious – Wealthy Displacing Low income Residents (Curbed DC)

Airbnb – How does this bill impact you? ( Greater Greater Washington)

Homes For Sale in Fort Lincoln

2 Bedroom 2.5 Baths Condo Fixer for $322,000 – Banneker Drive

3 Bedrooms 2.5 Baths for $629,995 – Villages At Dakota Crossing

4 Bedroom 3.5 Baths for $597,000 – Dakota Crossing

Fort Lincoln Featured in UrbanTurf… Finally

Concerned about the absence of a neighborhood profile for Fort Lincoln, I reached out to the real estate site DC UrbanTurf periodically over the past few years to see when an update would take place.  About a month ago they reached back out to add a profile for Fort Lincoln.  They interviewed both new and long time residents in the community and for the most part covered it pretty well.

The Link is here: DC Urban Turf Link

New York Ave./South Dakota Ave. Interchange Traffic Study

The  New York Ave. & South Dakota Ave. NE interchange study was completed last month and provides details on three concepts to address the congestion at this interchange.  The opening of the shopping center, the on going construction of nearly 1000 town homes and upcoming apartments have and will continue to add to the congestion at this interchange.  I have attached a link to the report and have extracted a few pertinent pages for easy viewing.  I have a meeting with DDOT to get a debrief of the report later this month and will provide more detailed information regarding engagement with the community and a plan forward.

NYA/SDA Interchange Study Link

Futute conditions DDOT Page 001Futute conditions DDOT Page 002Futute conditions DDOT Page 003Futute conditions DDOT Page 004Futute conditions DDOT Page 005Futute conditions DDOT Page 006Futute conditions DDOT Page 007Futute conditions DDOT Page 008


Meeting Follow Up – Hagans Center & Fort Lincoln Park Improvements

Tuesday’s meeting marked the official kick off for the planning and construction of the Theodore Hagans Cultural Center and Fort Lincoln Park.  The presentation was led by the Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR) and the Department of General Services (DGS).  The link to the power point presentation is below.  I have extracted a few slides relating to the timeline and that addresses some of the issues from residents.  Please note that DGS has created a website for communicating with residents.  All questions should be directed to DGS regarding the planning and construction.  As always I will provide support and help get responses to any  questions presented.

Meeting Presentation – Click Here

Points of Contact

Next Steps


Community Meeting: Fort Lincoln Park Renovation & New Hagans Rec. Center

The time has finally come for the residents of Fort Lincoln to get the park and recreation center in which we deserve.  Since running for office in 2014 the park, recreation center and school has been and continues to be the emphasis and priority of all For Lincoln Residents.  Thanks to funding allocations in the recent budget and support by Council members Kenyan McDuffie, Mary Cheh, as well as Mayor Bowser we can finally start the kickoff meeting for Fort Lincoln Park & the Hagans Cultural Center.  The school will be addressed in a different post once updates become available. (Flyer with details at the end of the post)

The Department of General Services will be in attendance and will present the plan leading up to construction.  I as well as a very committed group of neighbors have communicated ideas and concerns over the past 4 years to the Department of Parks and Recreation.  The recurring theme continues to be a new park and recreation center that will take us into the next 30 years.  It also needs to accommodate our growing community of nearly 3000 residents and counting.  Some of the ideas presented were as follows:

  • Rebuilding the outdoor Tennis courts and enhancing the layout for the large number of tennis players. ( No reduction in the number of  tennis courts)
  • Reorganizing the layout of the entire park and recreation center to make it more accessible for seniors and those with disabilities.
  • Splash Park, modern functional playground, outdoor community theater, dog park, outdoor exercise park. (To name a few)
  • A brand new (not renovated) Theodore Hagans center with provider space for senior wellness and\or daycare provider.
  • Multiple meeting rooms to accommodate the large number of community associations within Fort Lincoln as well as study co-working areas for students and self employed residents (In the absence of an actual school).
  • Indoor courts (racquetball, tennis, and etc.) indoor swimming pool, and fitness center.
  • Both multi-generational and age specific recreation rooms and lounges.
  • A more accessible location within the park and with a closer connection to the park itself.

These are just a few of the items that have been communicated already, please be sure to attend the meeting on July 17, 2018 and share your thoughts on what you would like to see in the park and new recreation center.

In closing I would be remised if I didn’t recognize the very committed group of neighbors who have supported and worked with me to make this a reality.  If not for their involvement we wouldn’t be nearly as close as we are today, If I don’t mention you please charge it to my head and not my heart, I appreciate the work of everyone in and around the community:

  • Carmen Winston
  • Ann Wicker
  • Hattie Pierce
  • Lillian Griffin
  • Tara Jamison
  • Leslie Johnston
  • Kelly McKnight
  • Natalie Carey
  • Marshall Lee
  • Lionel Smith
  • Phillip & Enjoli Parsons
  • And everyone else who has been there even f just to listen.

Copy of Town Hall Meeting Flyer Template.jpg

City Winery: An Exclusive Tour of Fort Lincoln’s nearby Winery in Ivy City.


I had the opportunity to tour the new restaurant, winery, and music venue this week and left very excited about the prospect of having such a unique neighborhood amenity. It has the power to transform how we dine and entertain  in the neighborhood as well as becoming part of the community fabric versus  a byproduct of gentrification which is typical throughout the city.  It’s a rare opportunity to have such a unique destination in the community only a quick drive or bike ride away.  Regardless of your  pallet or  experience  with wine there is a place for you a City Winery.  The staff is very friendly and both the General Manager and the Beverage Director are excited to work with Us on hosting wine education classes as well as working on community events!  I will do my part to ensure that quality establishments such as this becomes and remains part of the fabric of the community for both long time and new residents.  City Winery DC, located on 1350 Okie Street NE is the largest of all other locations which includes New York, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta & Boston

City Winery is a combined culinary experience which caters to customers who are passionate in sharing wine, music and the culinary arts.  If you have ever been to this location it its former life as either Dream or Love Nightclubs, you wouldn’t understand just how large the 42,000sf building was unless you had VIP access.  The newly transformed building takes full advantage of the former nightclub’s size and with it has created an inviting, open and free flowing dining and entertainment experience.

The first level includes the restaurant, wine cellar, fermentation rooms, and private meeting space.  The upper levels include two music venues with a green room for the performers, additional dining areas as well as 3 roof top deck experiences(Opening Soon).  The goal according to the General Manager is to have multiple events happening simultaneously which will not interfere with one another, and given the use of space will soon become reality.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

City Winery DC has a daily Happy Hour M-F from 5-7pm as well as plenty of upcoming beverage events to familiarize yourself with the venue over the next two weeks. The success of City Winery DC and other upcoming retail offerings will serve as a catalyst for other major non-mass-transit oriented developments in the community which lately have been slow to progress but is essential to our community’s continued growth and multi-modal advancement.


Find out more at their website
Check it out and share your experience!



Clean Team Services Coming To Fort Lincoln Starting October 2018

You ever wonder when you go to places like the Capital River Front and notice that they have a dedicated street cleaning team? Well those days are over thanks to legislation proposed by Councilman McDuffie and  funded by the Committee on Business & Economic Development in the 2019 Capital Budget.   We will now have a clean team dedicated to Fort Lincoln and the surrounding community.  Fort Lincoln in its self is a residential, retail & industrial mixed use community which sees  a lot of out-of-community traffic.  The Clean Team will add a new layer of maintenance which isn’t captured by current services given the growing retail and industrial market in the neighborhood.

So what is a clean Team?

Clean teams are funded through grants by the Department of Small & Local Business Development (DSLBD) and are executed by non-profit organizations.  While it would have been ideal to form a non-profit of community leaders the timing didn’t allow it for this funding cycle.  Regardless, the company selected is charged with hiring locally to maintain selected streets in the community which are impacted by growing businesses.  According to DSLBD The Basic Clean Team services include:

  • Removal of litter
  • Graffiti abatement
  • Removal of illegal posters/stickers
  • Removal of snow and ice
  • Recycling
  • Street tree mulching
  • Reporting public space defects
  • Landscaping (weeding and mowing) and
  • Business outreach.

What Streets are covered under the Pilot Program (In our area)

  1. Upper Bladensburg Road, NE, $100,000.00 (Grant Amount)
    • Bladensburg Road NE from Mt. Olivet Road NE to Eastern Avenue
    • New York Avenue a half block east and west from Bladensburg Road
  2. Fort Lincoln Drive Residential Clean Team, $100,000.00 (Grant Amount)
    • Fort Lincoln Drive, NE between Bladensburg Road, NE and 33rd Place, NE
    • 33rd Place NE between South Dakota Avenue, NE and New York Avenue, NE
    • Commodore Joshua Barney Drive, NE between Fort Lincoln Drive, NE and 33rd Place, NE

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The services associated with this grant will start in October of 2018 and is eligible to run through fiscal year 2020.  This service is a welcomed addition to the community, we have experienced dumping from both DC & Maryland residents and besides calling 311 do not receive routine street cleaning services.   So far only one organization has reached out and have enthusiastically shown their support in running this program the right way and involving Fort Lincoln residents in their planning.  We will continue our community clean ups and work with the selected company on a plan of action that will boost business and the livability of the community.