Final Post as ANC Commissioner


Over the past few months I’ve been on temporary leave to work on an Airport Project out of town. During this time, I’ve gained a wealth of experience in the Planning and design of an airport and have decided to extend my time there. In doing so I have to step down as ANC Commissioner. This was no easy decision given the amount of work we have put in to go from $0 in Capital Funding to Nearly $40,000,000 to aid in the rebuilding of our school, recreation center and park. Thanks to all of the Seniors, hard-working neighbors , Council-members Kenyan McDuffie, Robert white, Anita Bonds & Mary Cheh and amazing supporters for the work we’ve done. I encourage everyone to become active with the Fort Lincoln Civic Association and continue the fight to make Fort Lincoln, the walkable, livable and amazing community it was always sought out to be.

I will continue to pay to keep this site active to serve as a repository of information during my tenure as ANC commissioner. Once I return to D.C. I will pick up regular posting with plans to expand beyond the immediate Fort Lincoln Area.
Thank you and see you soon!

One thought on “Final Post as ANC Commissioner”

  1. Robert,
    Thanks for all of your attention, effort, and support to our community…sinc3 day 1!

    Justin 🤙🏾

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