New York Ave./South Dakota Ave. Interchange Traffic Study

The  New York Ave. & South Dakota Ave. NE interchange study was completed last month and provides details on three concepts to address the congestion at this interchange.  The opening of the shopping center, the on going construction of nearly 1000 town homes and upcoming apartments have and will continue to add to the congestion at this interchange.  I have attached a link to the report and have extracted a few pertinent pages for easy viewing.  I have a meeting with DDOT to get a debrief of the report later this month and will provide more detailed information regarding engagement with the community and a plan forward.

NYA/SDA Interchange Study Link

Futute conditions DDOT Page 001Futute conditions DDOT Page 002Futute conditions DDOT Page 003Futute conditions DDOT Page 004Futute conditions DDOT Page 005Futute conditions DDOT Page 006Futute conditions DDOT Page 007Futute conditions DDOT Page 008


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