Community Meeting: Fort Lincoln Park Renovation & New Hagans Rec. Center

The time has finally come for the residents of Fort Lincoln to get the park and recreation center in which we deserve.  Since running for office in 2014 the park, recreation center and school has been and continues to be the emphasis and priority of all For Lincoln Residents.  Thanks to funding allocations in the recent budget and support by Council members Kenyan McDuffie, Mary Cheh, as well as Mayor Bowser we can finally start the kickoff meeting for Fort Lincoln Park & the Hagans Cultural Center.  The school will be addressed in a different post once updates become available. (Flyer with details at the end of the post)

The Department of General Services will be in attendance and will present the plan leading up to construction.  I as well as a very committed group of neighbors have communicated ideas and concerns over the past 4 years to the Department of Parks and Recreation.  The recurring theme continues to be a new park and recreation center that will take us into the next 30 years.  It also needs to accommodate our growing community of nearly 3000 residents and counting.  Some of the ideas presented were as follows:

  • Rebuilding the outdoor Tennis courts and enhancing the layout for the large number of tennis players. ( No reduction in the number of  tennis courts)
  • Reorganizing the layout of the entire park and recreation center to make it more accessible for seniors and those with disabilities.
  • Splash Park, modern functional playground, outdoor community theater, dog park, outdoor exercise park. (To name a few)
  • A brand new (not renovated) Theodore Hagans center with provider space for senior wellness and\or daycare provider.
  • Multiple meeting rooms to accommodate the large number of community associations within Fort Lincoln as well as study co-working areas for students and self employed residents (In the absence of an actual school).
  • Indoor courts (racquetball, tennis, and etc.) indoor swimming pool, and fitness center.
  • Both multi-generational and age specific recreation rooms and lounges.
  • A more accessible location within the park and with a closer connection to the park itself.

These are just a few of the items that have been communicated already, please be sure to attend the meeting on July 17, 2018 and share your thoughts on what you would like to see in the park and new recreation center.

In closing I would be remised if I didn’t recognize the very committed group of neighbors who have supported and worked with me to make this a reality.  If not for their involvement we wouldn’t be nearly as close as we are today, If I don’t mention you please charge it to my head and not my heart, I appreciate the work of everyone in and around the community:

  • Carmen Winston
  • Ann Wicker
  • Hattie Pierce
  • Lillian Griffin
  • Tara Jamison
  • Leslie Johnston
  • Kelly McKnight
  • Natalie Carey
  • Marshall Lee
  • Lionel Smith
  • Phillip & Enjoli Parsons
  • And everyone else who has been there even f just to listen.

Copy of Town Hall Meeting Flyer Template.jpg


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