8 thoughts on “ANC Meeting Next Tuesday For the Eastern Ave./Fort Lincoln Drive Development”

  1. Why are they going to stuff some buildings in that space. Blocking Pineview Court. Too much congestion and I know the people that live in the houses don’t want that in their backyard.

  2. Robert, I live on Pineview Court and have been waiting for the summary of what was revealed and discussed at the ANC meeting on July 25th, regarding the proposed amendment to the comprehensive plan re: Eastern Avenue and Fort Lincoln Drive, NE .

    I know it is your practice not to provide post-meeting summaries so I was pleased that you agreed to do so in your July 23rd post, above.

    I attempted to enlarge the tiny diagram under the heading for this blog entry but — even after enlarging it — I could not make out the lettering, or anything about what the amendment involves.

    There have been plans to build about 58 townhomes at that location for at least the last 8 years, with no activity. And my neighbors on Pineview Court that I have spoken with have viewed that inactivity with a great deal of relief.

    I too work evenings and was not able to attend the meeting on July 25th. I don’t think Pineview Court residents could tell from the tiny and indistinct drawing, posted on mailboxes before the meeting, what was involved in a proposed “amendment to the comprehensive plan.” With no real notice of what was involved it would not surprise me that few of the 42 households here showed up for the July 25th meeting.

  3. I was able to make out “Square 4325” on the site plan you posted, and the fact that the amendment is apparently before the D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment. The BZA website permits the public to search by square number. But when I typed in “4325” the response I got was “No results found. Please refine your search and try again.”

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