‘No Left Turn’ Restriction To Be Removed at Bladensburg Rd. & South Dakota Ave.

After several requests and community walk-throughs with DDOT, the agency is implementing a pilot to remove the “No left turn” restriction at the intersection of Bladensburg Road and South Dakota Avenue.  According to the Notice of Intent sent to the ANC, the comment period is open for the following:

Removal of the North Bound “No Left Turn” Restriction(60 Day Pilot) at the intersection of  Bladensburg Road and South Dakota Avenue.

Currently the intersection is controlled by signal and prohibits left turns during the AM & PM Rush Hour except for busses.  At the conclusion of a recent traffic study, DDOT will:

  1. Remove the “No Left Turn” Restriction from South Dakota Ave onto Bladensburg Road during rush hour.
  2. Modify the existing signal to allow drivers a left turn phase (left turn arrow?) onto Bladensburg Road from South Dakota Ave.
  3. At the end of the 60 day pilot, DDOT will make a final determination on whether to make the changes permanent.

All comments on this subject matter must be filed in writing no later than July 28, 2017 with the District Department of Transportation, Transportation Operations Administration, 55 M Street, SE, 6th Floor, Washington, DC 20003.




6 thoughts on “‘No Left Turn’ Restriction To Be Removed at Bladensburg Rd. & South Dakota Ave.”

  1. This is great! I hope the restriction removal will become permanent.

    On a similar note, does anyone have a problem with the “green arrow to red stop light” function for traffic in the right-turn only lane on Bladensburg Rd (that must turn right) onto New York Ave to head downtown? (This is the lane on Bladensburg Rd in front of the driveway access to Exxon station and McDonald’s Drive Thru.) I drive this way every morning and find it extremely annoying and disruptive to traffic flow that the green arrow turns to a red stoplight for about 3-4 seconds (for no reason) and then turns green again with the main intersection green light for Bladensburg Rd traffic crossing New York Ave. This causes the right turning cars to stop for a few seconds (for no reason), only to re-start turning again as the traffic crossing New York Ave start. I recently submitted a request to DC’s 311 online service website to investigate and correct this malfunctioning traffic light feature at the two right turn arrow signal poles but the City quickly responded that I didn’t provide them with enough information. Commissioner Robert, is this something you can look into? I’ll be happy to provide you with more details. Thank you.

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