The N.Y. Avenue Eat-Shop Guide Debut! Feature Community – Fort Lincoln!

Over the next two months I will be working to create a publication that will highlight the businesses along the New York Ave. Northeast Gateway.  The goal is to take the relevant negiborhood offerings and compile into one document in an effort to boost the economic feasibility of our community.  The image below is the prototype, and will eventually serve as only 1 page of an entire document. The Eat-Shop Guide will feature Fort Lincoln, Bladensburg Road, Arboretum and Ivy City. It will become a key tool to spur the level of tourism and economic development we need.   Please note that no funds or endorsements were given for the creation of this document.  I created it because nothing else like it exists and it is intended to be the catalyst for the change that we all want to see in our community.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on what to add!  EAT SHOP MAP Fort Lincoln v2

2 thoughts on “The N.Y. Avenue Eat-Shop Guide Debut! Feature Community – Fort Lincoln!”

  1. Love the idea. I believe Fort Lincoln is a somewhat hidden secret that needs some branding. If you decide to expand outside Dakota Crossing, I recommend adding Mason Dixie and the Ivy City restaurants (e.g., Ivy City Smokehouse). During this period of time when the neighborhood’s population has grown but the restaurants are coming at a snail’s pace, I wonder if there’s a way to encourage a couple food trucks to make a stop here once a week. A popular liquor/beer tasting store in Hyattsville and a brewery in Ivy City have invited food trucks on occasion because those stores lack food.

  2. Having food trucks here on a weekly basis would be great. At least until the stores are fully occupied. Since we are also trying to create a local sense of community, why not also include a monthly farmers market similar what they have in other parts of the city such as the Brookland neighborhood. The parking area near the right front of the Petsmart would be a great location for a small market that specializes in organics such as home-made bread, pastries, fruit, vegetables and more. Anything that is not in direct competition with Costsco because I’m sure they would have say on who can participate. The hours can be limited such as the first Saturday of the month, 8- 11 am. It can also be seasonal such as spring/fall. I think this area is prime for something like that.

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