Oh Happy Day: Starbucks Opens in Fort Lincoln This Friday 4/28/2017!

After much anticipation and excitement, Starbucks finally opens its doors in Fort Lincoln at the Shops at Dakota Crossing on this Friday at 5:00am.  Starbucks which is known for its ability to “class up a joint” comes at a great time as the Fort Lincoln Community has increased its density by nearly 700 more townhomes in the past ten years with a large multi-family Residence and more than 100 more towmhomes soon under construction.  Starbucks will be a welcomed addition and will benefit greatly not only from the residents but also the patrons at the Costco Gas Boutique  in which our Starbucks was strategically placed (Yes I just classed up the gas station). I look forward to seeing you there in line on Friday, as well as Saturday for The Fort Lincoln Connection to the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail Walkthrough at 10:30am. Lets show Starbucks what they have been missing all of this time!


Vitamin Shoppe will also have its official Grand Opening on this Saturday  from 11am -6pm and they actually have specials for its patrons. Customers can come in and save on everyday low prices and will have a few more days of buy one get one 50% off.  Customers are invited to come in and check out the new store as well as sample some on-the-go snacks and beverages and… Customers will also have a chance to win a Years’s Worth of Vitamins and supplements!!! A Year’s worth!!! 


T-Moblie is opening soon next to Vitamin Shoppe and is a pretty cool looking store more details to come!


7 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day: Starbucks Opens in Fort Lincoln This Friday 4/28/2017!”

  1. Starbucks had a line but they should have been slammed. Show them some love and give potential tenants a reason to sign the lease.

  2. Did the walking tour for the bike trail take place this weekend or was it rescheduled? A Starbucks employee told me Robert Looper came by around 9:30 am but left. I didn’t register for the wailing tour earlier online because I wasn’t sure if I could attend but, when my schedule opened up, I came, hoping to meet some interested neighbors and, at least, the tour organizers who extended the invitation. I waited until 11:00 am and left. This was very discouraging. I brought extra bottled ice waters and Deep Woods Spray for anyone who needed the protection (like I do). Was I at the wrong location?

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