Updated Renderings – Multi-Family Development at the “Reserve” in Fort Lincoln.

View of Bridge at the Intersection of Hurston Lane & CJ Barney Drive

As the site clearing for the development site wraps up, the design of the multi-family building is taking shape. This will bring many families within a 5 minute walk to the Shops of Dakota Crossing. The multi-family building has changed significantly from its concept to it current design.  The development will change the landscape and physical appearance of the community with the addition of the new bridge across the wetlands, below grade parking, very large units and an architecture style which helps it blend a lot better wth the surrounding community.  It hasn’t been determined on whether the units will be rentals or condos or the price point for either.  I’ll continue to send updates as they come!

View at The Entrance of the Building
The Multi-Family Building will sit next to the Wetlands Pond.






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