Preview Event Tomorrow for the Reserve At Dakota Crossing!

Building 10 at The Shops At Dakota Crossing

If you are interested in getting a sneak peak at what’s to come at the Reserve at Dakota Crossing residential development, there will be a Preview event this Saturday, March 25, 2017.  The event is from  noon until 4pm and will be located in Building 10 of the Shops at Dakota crossing.  It’s the half moon shaped building  across from Dick’s Sporting Goods!


7 thoughts on “Preview Event Tomorrow for the Reserve At Dakota Crossing!”

  1. Thanks for update. I’m curious as to whether there will be one more development on the north side of Fort Lincoln because development plans indicate that after The Reserves, there will be about 50 more townhomes that go up on the north side.

    1. I took notes from a previous meeting and they mentioned 120 townhomes and 240 apartments will be built on the site.

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