New Retail Opening Dates in Fort Lincoln at the Shops at Dakota Crossing

Finally, The shops at Dakota Crossing is nearing completion, however there are still two parcels to be constructed which includes the proposed “Upscale” TGI Friday’s site across from Costco and the  planned bank parcel site across from Lowes. Neither are finalized at this time.  

So let’s cut to the chase, below are the”planned”spring openings for the Shops At Dakota Crossing

T-Mobile – 3/1/2017

Five Below – 3/3/17

Visionworks – 4/1/2017

Starbucks –  4/24/2017

Panda Express – 4/24/2017

Jersey Mikes – 6/1/2017

This list only represents approximately 1/3 of the available community based retail offerings, there are more options to come.  Please note that I can only report openings as the information becomes availble in relevance to updating the community on openings.

21 thoughts on “New Retail Opening Dates in Fort Lincoln at the Shops at Dakota Crossing”

  1. Robert, Thanks for the update. I still hope that we can get at least (2) restaurants in the neighbor.. Thanks,

  2. Thank you Robert! Any updates or news on the construction on Commodore Joshua Barney? Who is the developer?

  3. Thanks for sharing the list. I routinely drive by the construction and in months past, there would be no one working. They just recently started working again (finally). And I still don’t understand why it’s only national retailers. The biz development folks for this shopping center need some creativity. There are tons of local, stable businesses that are willing to pay high rent and have done so for years. The vibe is totally different if local businesses have a stake in the community, as opposed to those run by some corporate HQ miles away.

  4. Perhaps we could get a &Pizza or maybe a “Ben’s Ft Lincoln”, something that would help identify us as the next “hot spot”. Foodies look for the hot spots. They will come from all over. Actually what we really need is a drug store. Has Michelle or her agents talked to CVS? I am sure they would consider replacing the one at the intersection of Bladensburg and Benning.

    1. On no! They would never replace that one because it makes too much money. There’s a CVS that is much closer on Bladensburg near the IHOP in Colmar Manor. Perhaps a Walgreen or any drug store would do but please no 7-11.

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