Cancellation and Combining of the B8,B9 & H6 Bus Routes.


As a follow up to my earlier post in July regarding the modifications to the Fort Lincoln Bus Lines. The proposed plans are the same as before however, you have the chance testify and provide feedback.  You can provide you r feed back using the following methods:

  1. Attend an open house from 4:30-6:30 p.m. and public hearing starting at 5:00 p.m. at Metro Headquarters, 600 5th Street NW, Washington DC on Monday, January 30, 2017. Speaker registration is onsite only and will close at 9:00 p.m
  2. Take the survey! You can either fill out the survey online at, or fill out the survey on the next page and drop it in the survey collection bins near the faregates at your nearest Metrorail station

In addition, MetroBus standard fares could increase by $.25 and MetroRail fare could increase up to $.10 for rush hour; up to $.25 for non-rush hour fare. Standard passes and parking costs would also increase, please check the website for details.

More information can be found using the link below and on WMATAs website.

Click to access fy18-budget-brochure.pdf

12 thoughts on “Cancellation and Combining of the B8,B9 & H6 Bus Routes.”

  1. I filled out the WMATA survey and I encourage others to do the same. It only took a few minutes.

    Unfortunately, I never take any of these bus lines as they are not practical and do not make sense for anyone with a car. There is no way I would take a bus to Brookland if my destination is Stadium Armory or Largo Town Center.

  2. Instead of just protesting cancelations every year how do we become part of the discussion in making recommendation. MR Looper had some great suggestions to add a circulator route connection our community with Ivy City. How do we get that on the proposed changes list. Also could we as a community fund a private bus for residents to/from the metro directly. Either Noma or Cheverly?

    1. We can, part of the issue is the current ridership the Costco stop reported on 15 passengers/day for the past few months. That was alarming, but still doesn’t take into account new development.

      1. More residents and development has not and will not improve ridership. Only 15 passengers a day tells me the buses are either not going where people need them to go or not getting them there fast enough.

      2. I think the numbers are misleading. On my daily route, I’d see at least 5-7 kids who do not scan their cards. How are those numbers captured?

  3. I also filled out the survey.

    I actually like the proposed changes. If approved, the G-9 bus will start at Fort Lincoln and take you downtown to McPherson Square with limited stops (during the week only). The new H6 bus will take you to both Rhode Island and Brookland metro stations. However, if you have to go to Brookland metro station, be prepared to stay on the bus a lot longer than now. Another positive – I’m assuming the H-6 will take you to Rhode Island metro station on weekends. And for those who need to go Colmar Manor, the H-6 bus will take you there during the middle of the day. This is going to be a very slow bus.

    Overall, Fort Lincoln will continue to be serviced by two busses.

    1. Robert, the the G9 proposal get shelved? I know we will be loosing the B8 but I can’t find any information on the G9 on the various WMATA sites.

  4. Do you know if they plan to do the G9 route in the future? It really would be a great route for the area.

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