Better WMATA Engagement Results in More Bus Options in Fort Lincoln

Last year I testified at WMATA’s Public Hearing mostly in disbelief that the only options for fixing our bus ridership was to cut the B8/B9 and re-route the H6 to service the shopping center.  There was no consideration for upcoming development, changing community demographics or proximity to basic services; just a focus on return on investment which for Fort Lincoln can’t be the determining factor with the large concentration of senior residents.

However, this year was different, there was better coordination with WMATA and more residents from the community at the table to discuss their riding habits.  Although the B8/B9 is proposed to be cut again, there are a few new options which may increase ridership, continue service to Colmar Manor and finally gain access to Ivy City.

The screenshot below describes the extent of the changes. The link to the entire document is here.  071416_3APublicHearing2016BusSOGO



4 thoughts on “Better WMATA Engagement Results in More Bus Options in Fort Lincoln”

  1. Deanwood metro is 2.9 miles from Costco. That is a 9 minute drive. On the metro, it takes one hour using the B6, Red line at Rhode Island, and Orange Line at Metro Center. Wow. Who would make that trip? The current and proposed routes will not make any significant impact to ridership. The apartments at Ivy City recognized the transportation issue and added a rush hour shuttle to the NOMA-Galludet metro as an amenity. A shuttle is probably not an option here. However, the plan should be to seriously engage the community to see what routes/options would get people to use public transportation.

    1. The idea to route buses to Deanwood or Cheverly were discussed. The biggest unknown is whether enough people would pay the higher metrorail fare for a shorter bus ride to Deanwood or Cheverly and longer train ride from those stations back into the city center. Surveys and increased ridership are going to help make the case for us for that type of connection. It’s not off the table, we have to show the need by encouraging our neighbors to ride the bus more often. There will be more opportunities for further engagement.

  2. Option 1 – Not a fan of this option since it calls for the elimination of B8/B9.
    Option 2 – Ivy City may be a great option a few years from now when its finally built out, but for now, I don’t see a need.
    Option 3 – This might be a another great option for Fort Lincoln. Will this replace B8/B9? I wish this option was available for October 2016, which is the same time that Rhode Island and Brookland metro stations will be closed for SafeTrack.
    Option 4 – This could be an ok option, but what would be the point of adding another metro station that’s on the same line. I don’t want to go through Brookland just to go to Rhode Island. i would just get off at Brookland. Also, adding Rhode Island to H6 existing route could make for a very long ride.

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