Fort Lincoln Construction Updates

Construction progress is in full effect in Fort Lincoln. We are getting closer to the opening of the much anticipated Shops at Dakota Crossing, the “almost” sold out Banneker Ridge Development and the start of the next large multi-family development in Fort Lincoln which consist of 123 town homes and 240 apartments.

Shops At Dakota Crossing

The Large parcels in the Shops at Dakota Crossing are expected to open 4th Quarter of 2016 with the remainder of the shopping center completing construction in the 1st Quarter of 2017.  The Opening dates of the remaining shops have not been announced, however the buildings will be completed.

View of Dick’s Sporting Goods, Marshall’s, 5 Below & Pet-smart – Shops At Dakota Crossing
Foundations for the Remaining Shops which includes restaurants, cafe’s and other shops with outdoor seating.



Large stone retaining wall has been installed which will feature a radius shaped building shown in the rendering above.
Brick, Stone, & Precast Panels will be featured throughout the shopping center which will enhance the overall architectural aesthetic of the community.  It will have a very suburban community feel with the benefit of being in Washington, D.C.

Banneker Ridge

There appears to only be 8 Home sites remaining at the new Banneker Ridge residential development. If you want to claim your piece of the most expansive view of the DMV there’s still time.  Granted you may have to wait a few years before you see services such as an adequate park & an unshuttered school  catch up with the progress  of the rest of community…Bazinga!   We are actually making progress towards conducting  a study for a more comprehensive park design & exploring options to expedite the opening  of the school; more details forthcoming.

The first of 3 rows that will face Fort Lincoln Drive in the Banneker Ridge Development.  The Monroe Place model is shown in the picture above the back of this model is shown below.



Fort Lincoln Multi-Family Development

Fort Lincoln continues its tradition of building family sized apartments, town homes & condos throughout the community.  Although the new developments all have the required Inclusionary Zoning Units, there is still a lot of concern about the affordability of new construction residential developments.  During the last SMD Meeting the developer announced that Fort Lincoln overall will be 60% affordable when development is complete, and that the affordable units were built earlier in the development.  I’ve met with neighbors and we are planning a home buying seminar later this year to be sure that long time & current residents are taking advantage of all possible home-buying incentives to increase their chances of attaining home ownership in new developments in Fort Lincoln.

View of the new Multifamily Development Site with the protected Wetlands in tack.
A possible 3 Bedroom unit filled with Windows which will bring in lots of natural light.




10 thoughts on “Fort Lincoln Construction Updates”

  1. Hey, what’s the possibility of getting parking on Ft. Lincoln drive and who do i need to talk with about making parking over there an issue (even ifit’s some of the city ownes side streets over there)?

    1. I agree with you Charles. I understand for not allowing parking in the past when there was only one exit out of the Shops, but now, that road is hardly ever congested.

  2. yes, it would be nice for the homeowners already located inside Fort Lincoln get first preference. I would be interested on how much the apartments or going for, and what incentives do you get if you already have purchased at home. I feel they should keep us informed on the new construction plan. Hopefully, they will let us know down the road when they will start the application process; I pray that Dakota remain upscale and the community stay clean, and the rules and regulations apply to the new site….I paid to much money ….

    1. I am new here and love it, having moved from congested MC in MD. Unfortunately I am seeing the signs that lead to a community’s lessening appeal: thrash everywhere and no one paying attention on a regular basis. The thrash problem is daunting and demands creative solutions from government officials and residents, if the community is to retain its appeal and value.

  3. Any updates on the new development? Still priced in the mid 500s? I’m concerned it caps our homes ability to appreciate with all this similar sized and priced inventory coming on the market in the next few years.

  4. Happy new year Dakota Family..My concern also is that if you see trash in your yard please pick it up. I know that when the trash gets picked up sometimes trash is left behind. This is everyone community, try and keep it clean. Regarding the reply above how is the development going to enhance our property? True because some of the home will be similar to our townhouses…What is the status of what’s going on across the street. Please reply back because I never get a response.

  5. Trash within the development perimeter is not the problem, though I see more of it and usually pick it up. The trash being dumped on Lincoln Road and Joshua Barnes is the problem and getting worse. Visitors and prospective homeowners first impression of the area is marred by the trash around it;. is anyone willing to do anything about it? Also, the lovely Fort Lincoln Park is being defaced by vandals, who have broken more than half of the lighting in the Park. Such a neglect of a beautiful natural resource is unforgivable!

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