Dick’s Sporting Goods, Marshalls, Petsmart & 5Below Starting to take shape.

  The facade of Dick’s Sporting Goods, almost ready for bricks to be installed.  Current construction of the smaller Retail  Finished rendering of the smaller retail.

 The Developer is moving swiftly to complete the remainder of the Shops at Dakota Crossing.  The larger big box stores are a couple of months away from completing their building envelopes.  The earthwork for the smaller retail is also progressing well.  The smaller retail will feature wide sidewalks, with lots of outdoor cafe seating. 

I received another denial for a Capital Bikeshare station to serve the upcoming retail and to provide an alternative to driving.  ANC 5C will pass resolution at our next meeting for enough stations to create a network within the Commission.

11 thoughts on “Dick’s Sporting Goods, Marshalls, Petsmart & 5Below Starting to take shape.”

  1. I, for one, would use bikeshare to get there from Brookland if it were an option. I’m really glad to see the pedestrian walkways bordering the parking area; looks like those parking lots could easily become additional retail/mixed-use someday without affecting the surroundings.

    1. I really hope thats not what they are considering upscale. That concept is fine to open somewhere in the city-maybe the one on Pennsylvania Ave can transition to this concept, but Im eager for the upscale concept.

      1. I agree! I’ll take a regular Fridays over this.
        I searched online looking for an “upscale” Fridays but couldn’t find one, so maybe our location will truly be the first concept

  2. Actually, I do not think it looks half bad. Its not exactly “upsale” but seems casual and family orientated. My only concern with Fridays is more late night crowds. I would wouldn’t mind a restaurant that is more upscale, but in absence of that option, this doesn’t seem bad.

    Has there been further word on the smaller shops other than what has been posted already? Panera/Chick-fil-A/anything new?

    1. We apparently do not have the neighborhood income to support a Dick’s but it seems to be coming anyway. Nothing about the Shops makes sense for the neighborhood. Therefore, we should stop trying to make sense of someone’s secret plan.

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