5 thoughts on “Fort Lincoln ANC Meeting SMD 5C03”

  1. Hey is there any talk about a grocery store in the new Dakota Crossing Shops? I think that with Harris Teeter being on H street and there not really being enough room for much else, the only reasonable option is something like a Trader Joe’s? Have they been considered at all, or is it too early since Dicks/Marshalls/Petco haven’t opened yet? But hopefully we can get something other than just Costco there.

  2. There are no thriving neighborhoods in DC, other than parts of NW, without a grocery store, bank, and gym. Based on the last few meetings, there are no plans for Dakota Crossing to have any of these options. Zero. It looks like special consideration is given to chains in Maryland that do not have a store in DC. That gives you Costco, Lowe’s, Dick’s, and Petsmart. Marshalls and Five Below are also in Columbia Heights but you get the point. Do you prefer, Applebee’s or Golden Corral?

    On a positive note, there is a Wells Fargo, CVS, Shoppers, MOMS Organic, and Planet Fitness within a ten minute drive. That’s not bad.

    @MindAfterMath, it appears to be too late, definitely not too early.

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