BRT Along New York Ave. – Upcoming Options for Community Review

Accelerator Route

Accelerator Sample

New York Avenue, between the Anacostia River and the Brentwood Parkway will increase the number of residential developments upwards of 300o units.  The New York Avenue Corridor has scores of planned big box retail, industrial building reuse, new hotels, and potential Municipal office realignment which will add to the traffic density.  Earlier this month I proposed the possibility of using a portion of the Amtrak Right-of-Way, running parallel to the proposed bike trail along a portion of New York Ave, and designed to move people to the places they need to go along New York Ave and adjacent neighborhoods. The majority of the route would avoid congestion by running adjacent New York Ave but off the main road.  The idea is in its infancy and will need extensive modification with upcoming developments and has not received any level of approval.  This is part of a broader plan to provide a comprehensive transportation network to the residents of this community who’s homes are divided by rail road, major arterial roads and industrial land use.  This route is suggested to work in connection with the Circulator and traditional Metro Bus Service.  It is time that we update and modify the bus routes for the changing needs of residents and visitors, especially our streamlining and reducing travel time for Seniors.  I believe this will encourage increased ridership,as well as the  dependency and efficiency of our mass transportation infrastructure.

All diagrams are options for the community to weigh-in and comment on in upcoming meetings.

Circulator Route


3 thoughts on “BRT Along New York Ave. – Upcoming Options for Community Review”

  1. The map is too small to read but I am all for any transportation that goes to any metro other than Brookland or Rhode Island metro.

    Are you proposing that the bus would run along the bike trail on New York Avenue?

    Where would the bike trail start and end?

  2. I like this idea and its very comprehensive for a first draft. This appears to be a far better transportation plan without building a metro. I find it ironic that this area feels more like a close suburb than connected to the city. This transportation plan will change that. DC should start supporting grassroots ideas that seem far better thought out than the H st trolley idea. This idea will definitely serve the masses and get people from NW (the most populated part of the city) to these new NE shopping and entertainment centers-which have great potential if we keep the city theme in mind. Look to Lindon, Paris, Tokyo, etc for inspiration.

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