More New Homes in Fort Lincoln

The 46 premier townhouses of the Banneker Ridge development are moving fast.  Most homes feature unobstructed views from the national harbor , the U.S. Capital, Catholic Unoversity & Silver Spring.  The Monroe Place model is currently selling in the 700’s and the Willard model in the 800’s. For more info, the link to the website is below.  Affordable housing options may still be available.


3 thoughts on “More New Homes in Fort Lincoln”

    1. Maybe, but they are selling, I guess it depends on how much you value a great view. I think for people looking in that price bracket ( $800,000-$1,000,000) this is a bargain. I don’t think its high for the neighborhood, homes have sold in the high $600’s already. We offer a great deal of amenities you won’t find i most others.

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