18 thoughts on “Shops at Dakota Crossing Signage installed.”

  1. I wonder if this fixture will be lighted at night? Also, just to mention, I am glad the shopping center was able to move forward with a major anchor store, but I find it interesting that Lowe’s is present in a community where residents hardly have any yard space, do not have trees on their properties, cannot alter, add to, expand or modify the exterior or interior structure of their units, etc. Just a thought.

    1. There is a lamp on the sign. Also as far as Lowes, I disagree on its usefulness. I currently use the home depot quite often, working to undo the cookie cutter nature of my home. I’m purchasing everything from ceiling fans, storage shelving, updated appliances, air filters, paint, dimmers, crown molding, updated lighting, new flooring & etc. I also spend close to $400 over spring and summer treating my lawn and updating my garden. So I think the Lowes is value added, a grocery store next to Lowes would have sealed the deal.

    2. Actually, that most probably applies to the new construction (5yrs and younger) b/c the vast majority of homes in Gateway, Woodridge, and ajacent towns in MD (old construction) are on multi-lots, front & back yards, able to change, alter, and add to and modify interiors and exteriors. I think Lowes will have their hands full

  2. It is strange that Costco is not the first store on the sign.
    @fmakle, the stores at Dakota Crossing are not for the Fort Lincoln residents. This is why there are plans for a grocery store or gym. I think Dick’s Sporting Goods is next. See the trend?

    1. I though the same regarding Costco’s signage but you never know what’s negotiated behind closed doors. The stores at its beginning were more community specific, but I’m told market conditions changed.

    2. That’s true, Costco should be on that sign too. About the stores, the real truth sometimes hurts. Hope the residents weren’t mislead. Yes, I see the trend. Thx.

      1. We including myself feel more so disappointed vs mislead. We were always told that the retailers could change by know one anticipated a complete shift in the use of the shopping center. I personally only choose to live here for the shops. I was willing to loose either the shoppers or the Target. Then I was willing to at least live with a gym, now that its a Dicks, I’m really scratching my head, I spend more money in Arlington currently because it has the gym, grocery, and target I need all within close distance.

  3. Well as a recent buyer into the community I feel a little misled about the shops. If you look at any advertisement about the community it is pretty clear they used the grocery store and sit down restaurants (hopefully no five guys or any other fast food restaurants) as a marketing tool. Based on my observation on what is going on around the city I do not expect to get a grocery store until the new community with the apartments and town homes are completed which will raise the median for the area that will hopefully attract a wholes food, Harris Teeter or Weigmans.

  4. Sign makes the shops look good and appealing but like many of you, it doesn’t appeal to me much without a grocery store. A Trader Joe’s would have been so smart. And I’m still sad there’s no Target….

  5. I am very disappointed about the mislead ,, We need a good grocery store here … that is not fair ..
    Lowe’s is a very big mistake specially coming too late after most of the houses have been furnished . WE need a big name Grocery store and a nice Gym ..
    Believe me Dicks will run out of business with his friend Lowe’s.

  6. I like the sign. They did a nice job with that.

    As for other comments posted regarding the grocery store and gym I think we can all agree that these would have been two tremendous direct assets for the Fort Lincoln community. However, we have no idea what has been taking place behind the scenes. Maybe they fought really hard to attract these two types of businesses and no one was convinced. Unfortunately, I didn’t come away with that feeling at the June ANC meeting where this was brought up. The two men representing the development team came off as disinterested. Therefore, absent of any real facts I just have to reply on my assumption that the development of the Shops was not directly intertwined with creating a community, such as we see with town centers or other well planned communities, but instead on selling to who ever would purchase the property. This makes sense to me since the retailers who have bought in provide a last minute shopping opportunity for those heading home from the city and the nearby communities. If this is case then its too bad since there really was an opportunity to create a mini suburb within the city limits. But regardless of all this I am sure many of us are just happy to have a new home with a garage in a pretty commuter (car) convenient part of town.

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