Fort Lincoln Comprehensive Plan 2015-2016 – Draft

E1 - Fort Lincoln Overall Context

Dear Fort Lincoln Residents,

I have drafted the comprehensive plan based on the first 6 months of service to the community. I have been working diligently to address the major concerns of the community and am now ready for the city to provide resources to fund them. Below is the Fort Lincoln Comprehensive Plan Draft to be considered for the upcoming budget proposal 2016 to the Mayor.  Additional comments are welcomed  however, please note that not all comments will be added at this time however, as we resolve the items listed in the plan we will add the new ones.  Thanks again for electing me to work for you.

Clink the link below:

Fort Lincoln Comprehensive Plan Draft

2 thoughts on “Fort Lincoln Comprehensive Plan 2015-2016 – Draft”

  1. Robert have you received any feedback on the plan? What is part of the 2016 Budget? I think there are many aspects in the plan that are critical and would love to see them approved. Please keep us posted on the approved 2016 Plan.

    This area is growing so fast it is important that the residents have a way to access it through public transportation (Capital Bike Share/Circulator) –

    Also I have heard rumors that there is a Chipotle coming. Do we have an updated list of approved and signed stores that will be coming to Shops at Dakota Crossing?

    Thank you for your continued efforts Robert.

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