A more community focused Fort Lincoln Park


Park Proposal Flyer

Collectively,  since 2006,  residents of Fort Lincoln have invested more than  $150,000,000.00 ( One hundred fifty million dollars) in real estate, in the once quite senior community in Northeast D.C.  This is a commitment that we all made to invests in making  the city  a better place to live, work, &  shop.  A commitment which could have been made in Virginia or Maryland.

This investment however,  results in an increase of tax revenue for the city, as well as an influx of families and individuals to contribute towards the economic viability of our neighborhood. That being the case, it is only befitting that  funds are allocated to upgrading Fort Lincoln Park.  Not only upgrades to existing infrastructure but upgrades to the overall use of the park so that seniors, adults, and children alike can benefit from the park which is the center of our community.

Join me this Thursday for an initial brainstorming session on what you would like to see in Fort Lincoln Park and lets work together to make it a reality!

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