Banneker Ridge- New Fort Lincoln Townhomes

Well alrighty then… Now that the Villages at Dakota Crossing has sold out.  We now welcome Banneker Ridge.  Too expensive for my wallet but I’m sure these 42 homes will sell out in no time.  What would you pay for a birds  eye view of the national mall from a rooftop deck?


8 thoughts on “Banneker Ridge- New Fort Lincoln Townhomes”

  1. I saw a different sign at 33rd and Ft. Lincoln Drive this morning while standing at the bus stop, but the arrow was pointing towards the Costco. I’m confused! Is this the same project on Ft Lincoln Dr that was supposed to be called “City Vista” and built by NVR? Or is this a different location all together?

    1. Same development, it was called Cityscape, now Banneker Ridge. The sales center will be at the same location as the Villages. They are updating the sales center now with the new information.

      1. On the subject of upcoming developments, does anyone know the timeline for constructing townhomes on the field between Pineview Court/Ft. Lincoln Drive and Ft.Lincon Drive/Bladensburg Road? Once upon a time someone in the sales office for The Villages at Dakota Crossing told me that the next project Ryan Homes would take on — afte it completed construction of The Villages — would be that 56-townhome development. (My recollection is that a zoning exception for that plot of vacant land was initally approved around 2008; then a zoning amendment to that exception was approved around 2012). Those of us who live on Pineview Court, directly across from this long planned townhome development, are hardly looking forward to more congestion, but if the townhomes are still coming we’d appreciate knowing the timeline.

      2. Like many Fort Lincoln residents, I work evening hours, but I’m sure my ANC rep will be there. The traffic resulting from this development will impact all of us, and so I am sure he is monitoring the developer’s plans and will keep us in the information loop. (smile)

  2. Last I heard that they were still coming. When? I don’t know. I was told last year that were going to be condos, similar to the ones at Village at Dakota Crossing.

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