Dog Park Ideas

Alright neghibors, the day has come to discuss a place for our many dogs.  We have all heard the jokes about how dogs outnumber the children in Fort Lincoln, and in the villages at dakota crossing alone you can probably average a dog per home.  That being said, the amount of fecal waste and grass neutralizing chemicals from Home Depot has taken its toll on many residents.  Ideas are needed on how to handle the many request by residents across Fort Lincoln Regarding a dog park.  I have a few ideas but need your help with other options.  Send them to me via email or respond in the comments.  This will be discussed in the next community meeting. 


6 thoughts on “Dog Park Ideas”

  1. Why can’t the big green space (where the toddler park will be) also be used for a dog park? Just fence in part of the area. Or maybe the parking lot by the fairgate model home could be turned into a dog park?

    1. We would have to amend the usage of the park per the HOA, vote on it & pay for it through our HOA because it’s on private property. That may be an option, I recommend looking through your HOA manual and confirming what it will actually take to get done. Thanks for the input!

  2. If looking at Google maps location 38.924127, -76.957696 seems like a reasonable place for a dog park. considering that a dog park is needed for not just The Villages, but also the other communities as well, this location seems to be central to all of the surrounding neighborhoods and the neighborhoods to come.

  3. One thing that I think would be super helpful would be more of those green trashcans with baggies in them. I’ve seen one in the neighborhood.

  4. What about Ft Lincoln Park? There’s plenty of underutilized space there. There could also be some cost saving if the gate of the baseball field us used as one of the gates of the dog park (i’ve seen other dog parks that do that).

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