Our first SMD meeting was well attended with a close to 100 residents who came out!  Below is a brief synopsis of the meeting.  There will be a newsletter for seniors and other residents who were not able to it make to the meeting.

Shops at Dakota Crossing


Lowes opening 4th Quarter 2015

Dicks Sporting Goods, Petsmart, & Marshall’s 3rd quarter 2016

Smaller parcels – Besides a 99.9% chance that Starbucks will be here no other retailers are confirmed at this time.


Costco Proposal

Costco has proposed an additional exit near the tire center to relieve traffic off of market street.  DDOT to provide response soon…?!

Villages at Dakota Crossing

Cut Through Diagram

There’s a chance that if DC does not take ownership of Hurston Lane (the residential street at the Costco intersection), the residents will not allow cars to pass through to Commodore Joshua Barney drive.  Also, according to DDOT if speed bumps are allowed on CJ Barney Drive, the proposed bus route will not be possible.

Hawk Signal

DDOT indicated that there were no plans on the books for a hawk signal at Bladensburg Road near the senior apartments which contradicts an earlier report in the January ANC 5C report.  I will follow up with DDOT.

Signage for a deaf and blind resident was requested on Bladensburg Road.

There are a host of traffic concerns (which took up close to an hour worth of discussion during the meeting) which will need to be further evaluated.  The Transportation Committee will resume monthly meetings in April to prioritize these transportation concerns.

Neighborhood Clean-up and Watch will kick off in April.

4 thoughts on “5C03 MEETING UPDATE”

  1. Thank you for the update, Robert. I think that if DC doesn’t take ownership of Hurston, perhaps rather than the residents closing off the street, we can request that the city extend the median across the intersection at Hurston/Market to force traffic to turn right and make a U-turn (or left turn) on Fort Lincoln Drive at the distributorship in order to discourage usage of Hurston as a cut-through. Just a thought….

  2. Thanks for the update Rob! Very excited about the new stores, especially Starbucks! Looking forward to updates on the proposed speed bumps on CJ Barney Dr., as well as the new traffic patterns.

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