Dick’s Sporting Goods, PetSmart eye Dakota Crossing for first D.C. stores



Washington Business Journal now Reports that the Shops at Dakota Crossing could be the location for some of the city’s first Big Box Retailers. Exciting to see the interests in the community but not looking forward to the added traffic by more retailers that don’t serve the community it impacts.  Starting to question why there is even a residential component to the Dakota Crossing Development.  There needs to be direct access to this shopping center from Route 50 and directly back on to Route 50.  It’s pointless to crowd the streets of Fort Lincoln, and cause this much wear and tear to our infrastructure for retailers that will not be frequented by the surrounding community.  There are planned apartments just a few feet away from this shopping center, what good is a kayak going to do for a family that just needs a dozen eggs.  I digress, I’ll save my perspective for the powers that be.

Click the link below for the full story.

Full Story – WBJ

12 thoughts on “Dick’s Sporting Goods, PetSmart eye Dakota Crossing for first D.C. stores”

  1. If developers will end up making a city shopping center here, they at least should build it in a more modern and presentable style. For example, as it is shown on the pic above, not as they built Costco. I wish the renderings were available for the bigger stores.

  2. I will see if I can get updated renderings from the developer, Costco was always shown to be a traditional Costsco Design as it’s built, The anchor stores on the other side all had the same consistent architecture as the smaller shops.

  3. With the entrance of Dick’s sporting goods into the shops, does this rule out the possibility of a grocery store of some sort?

    1. I just sent a request for TJ. I think we all need to fill this form out. Hopefully, they will consider us for the store site.

  4. Hello!

    I would like to comment on the misconception that the surrounding community will not frequent the retailers at The Shops at Dakota Crossing once The Shops finally becomes a reality.

    MANY of the residents in the surrounding community have lived here much longer than have ANY of the residents of Ft. Lincoln. I have lived here for 50 years (I am now 57), and I have many neighbors on my street alone who have lived here much longer than that. The residents of the Gateway and the South Central communities have been waiting for retail amenities to come to this area for a much longer period of time than has any resident of Ft. Lincoln. We have more time invested in this community than do any of the residents of Ft. Lincoln. Therefore, please DO NOT think for one moment that we will not frequent a shopping center for which we have ONLY waited 45 years (and counting). The surrounding community has as much invested in this shopping center as do the residents of Ft. Lincoln.

    Thank you.

    1. Many residents will frequent the center both older and newer it was the main reason many residents purchased homes there that I’ve talked to. I think the overall feeling is that people want more retail they can use daily. We however were made aware of some the challenges developing in Fort Lincoln and know that what ever opens up here we will do our part to support.

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