Shops at Dakota Crossing


CBRE has updated it’s development brochure for the shops at Dakota Crossing adding a Petsmart to the list of pending tenants. The brochure also includes updated Trade Area Demographics as well as a nice overview of the increased number of retail options for the surrounding community.

A link to CRBE’s site is below, photos are credited to the CBRE website.


20 thoughts on “Shops at Dakota Crossing”

  1. Hi Robert. Thanks so much for the update. However, please clarify if it is PetSmart or Petco. They are two different store chains. Thanks again and happy new year.

  2. Please, please have a craft store such as Michael’s or A.C. Moore. The people in this area have to go all the ay to Laurel or Bowie for a craft store. One is badly needed in this area.

  3. Last I heard a YMCA was expected to build out and move into the former Thurgood Marshall Elementary School in Fort Lincoln. That should meet the community’s need for a contemporary gym. My Fort Lincoln neighbor, Ron Jackson (The Villages), recently pointed out to me that the highest priority for the remaining big box space in the shopping center has to be a quality grocery store — such as Harris Teeter or Trader Joes. Either of those chains can design a botique store that will fit in 35,000 sq. ft. A quality grocery store will not only meet a pressing need for this entire area but (for that reason) will also increase surrounding residential property values more than any other retail option I can think of.

  4. On the subject of the YMCA, it’s my hope that the Fort Lincoln Civic Association will invite them out to make a presentation on their plans — which should include soliciting ideas from Fort Lincoln residents. The YMCA’s that have been built in the last 20 years rival private gyms in every respect. See The former Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, here in Ft. Lincoln, has all the square footage and amenities (that if improved upon) would rival the YMCA in Reston, Va., for example. That YMCA lists the following amenities:

    Fitness Center
    Cardio Equipment
    Strength Equipment
    Free-Weight Rooms
    Two Group-Exercise Studios
    Pilates Reformer Equipment
    25-Yard Indoor Swimming Pool
    Volleyball Court
    Steam Rooms
    Locker Rooms
    YMCA Café
    Pre-School and Child Care Center
    Teen Center

  5. Any gym with a 25-yard(or more) indoor swimming pool would be great! I think the swimming pool near Eastern Market is the closest one.

  6. It seems like developers totally ignoring the residents of Fort Lincoln by building a huge shopping center with box retailers and bringing more traffic in the community. Personally, my need to shop in Dicks is probably once-twice a year and i can totally do it online. The article above states that Dicks might go down under private equity giant, and here we, as a community, becoming powerless. No grocery store, no gym.

    Sad face…

    1. The way the application was filed, the smaller shops along the main street were intended to be neighborhood-oriented retail, the application also specifically called out a grocery store. I don’t know the particulars now but should have a better understanding of what the plan for this shopping center is in the coming weeks. My opinion isn’t as important as the residents who are also affected by this development. I just think going from a Target, Shoppers, Costco & Marshalls to a Lowes, Dicks, Petsmart, Costco & Marshalls is cardinally different. The objective was to benefit DC Residents with the wave of micro units and smaller residential homes, I don’t see how a Dicks is aligned with the objectives of the urban-renewal development.

  7. I love all the new changes at market street, especially the Lowes, it would be nice to have a grocery store, such as Trader Joe’s or Shoppers, restaurants, & please please AC Moore or Hobby Lobby.

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