Traffic Meeting Rescheduled

It was just announced in the ANC 5C Meeting that the meeting to discuss the traffic issues related to Fort Lincoln.

When: Saturday September 27, 2014
Where: Wesley House 3400 Commodore Joshua Barney Drive
Time: 10:00am


4 thoughts on “Traffic Meeting Rescheduled”

    1. This is a committee meeting as a result of the June 28th ANC Meeting. Its more of a working meeting for individuals who signed up to be on the traffic committee. However, the ANC Meeting wasn’t in good attendance by residents who are directly affected because of the short notice and bad communication. I’m urging people to come ready to give constructive recommendations on how to improve the traffic and not just a forum to state how bad it is. The city knows that there is a problem we just need the meeting to focus on the solution.

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