12 thoughts on “Busboys and Poets, Banana Republic, Gap, Nike, Petco to Hecht District”

  1. Monroe Market, H St, & now NY Ave are making huge strides. The shops are still lagging behind. I hope the third large box retailer will be a good one. Our community asked for a gym from the onset but it looks lik that will go to NY Ave also.

    Does anyone know if its still going to be Marshalls? 😦

  2. The Gym is still on the table but not confirmed. NY Ave. will get a Planet Fitness, which is fundamentally different from a LA Fitness that would come to the Shops,if you are familiar with the gyms. Its like deciding between a Chick-Fil-A and a Popeye’s, they both sell chicken but have completely different appeals. Marshalls is also still on the table last I checked, but they are awaiting the construction of the building.

  3. Wow…that’s a huge jump from Mom’s Organic Market and Planet Fitness to Banana Republic/Gap and Nike. Busboys and Poet is not that much a total shock. I’m sure Douglas Development is offering all the perspective tenants a sweet deal to set up shop. I think the main selling point is the thousands of potential customers traveling NY Ave on a giving day and free parking, I hope.

  4. Bob,
    In an Oct. 14, 2014 posting on the official Facebook page for The Villages at Dakota Crossing (see below) this is how Ryan Homes responded to a question about the stores that will be joining Costco. Do they know something we do not?

    The Villages at Dakota Crossing Tailgate Ted Abela There are going to be a lot of great shops! MOM’s Organic Market and Petco will be the flagship stores along with Banana Republic, Gap, and Nike. Local restauranteur Ari Gejdenson of Mindful Restaurants will be opening an Italian eatery as well as two other restaurants to be disclosed at a later date. Very exciting!
    October 14 at 5:34am · Edited · 1

    Tailgate Ted Abela Any more word on what’s opening by Costco?
    October 14 at 5:41am

    1. I wanted to give readers a quick rundown of the site, so that they understood what was happening, I can contact you later for a few good photos! Thanks for the comment!

  5. I certainly VOTE NO for the dollar city ideas that I am hearing floating around!!! Shops at Dakota Crossing is being left out WHAT IS THE PROBLEM???!!…..There will be nothing left but dollar general and check cashing stores….nope DON’T want it. Whoever is doing the development can we please get this together? PLEASE 🙂 The new ANC guys seems like he can get some balls rolling…

  6. New resident of The Villages, here. Been following your blog. We bought based on the promise of walkable ammenities. I’m interested in participating in any way I can to help make it so. Costco and Lowes are nice, but I would love to see more “practical retail” for us residents: dry cleaner, coffee shop, fast casual dining like Shake Shack, Shop House or Panera bread. A gym and a small grocery chain like Trader Joes. Not a bunch of carryouts, dollar stores and beauty supplies…not disparaging those businesses but there are plenty of those on Route 1 at Port Townes which is close by.

  7. I am with you KayMee we really want shops that serves our daily needs. e.g : coffee shops , retailer like Giants , Wholefood , restaurants .. etc the area is very dry 😦

    1. Working on a Fort Lincoln Open House to give residents a run down of planned retail amenities and residential development early next year. Will keep you posted.

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