Whats Next for Thurgood Marshall


With the influx of new residential development in Fort Lincoln, there seems to be a growing concern over the use of the Thurgood Marshall Elementary School(TMES).  The school was closed officially in 2013 and according to the Fort Lincoln Civic Association Website will be closed for 5 years as a school.  Before the closing of the school in 2012 residents voiced their concerns over the new residential development and the need it will create, however it was closed nonetheless.

As most people know, there is interest from the developer to use the School as a community center with YMCA as the operator.  The following is a quick run down on the status of this project:

1 – The developer has filed to have Thurgood Marshall Elementary School zoned as a community center, which has the support from the Office of Planning.

2 – There is a $25,000 contribution that is to be made to the Theodore Hagans Cultural Center for renovations by the developer , which is part of the original Planned unit Development from 2007.  However, due to the size and low usage of the cultural center, the developer is requesting to have that contribution redirected from the Hagans Cultural Center to the Thurgood Marshall facility for its proposed reuse.

3. The YMCA has not been confirmed as the operator.  There is also another DC Agency that will occupy the space, which is also not confirmed.

4-  ANC Commissioner Bob King provided the letter of support redirecting the $25,000 from the Theodore Hagans Cultural Center to the Thurgood Marshall facility.

4.  During the Zoning Hearing on June 10, 2013 the decision was deferred due to the lack of detail of how the $25,000 would be used.  That decision prompted a tour of the facility with all interested parties on October 18, 2013.

6- During the last Zoning Hearing on July 17, 2014, the decision was once again deferred,  due to the lack of detail of how the $25,000 will be used. The decision has been deferred until January of 2015.





3 thoughts on “Whats Next for Thurgood Marshall”

  1. Thank you for this post. As someone who has a child nearing school age, having an elementary school near to where I live is very important to me. Conversely, since the school is now closed, having a YMCA near by may not be the worst idea as long as the facility can adequately control a large group of children and teens in one place. Correct me if I’m wrong, but $25,000 doesn’t seem like a lot of money for renovations.

    1. You are correct, $25,000 would barely cover the cost to repaint. I believe the operator (i.e. YMCA) would front the cost to fit-out and maintain the space for their particular needs. I can confirm. The $25,000 is just a developer contribution which is holding up approval for a minor variance. The school is relatively up-to-date so it should only require purpose driven updates.

  2. Even if all the all the projects were completed, there wouldn’t be enough school age children to justify reopening the elementary school. I don’t know what’s the demographics of the new home owners for the area, but I an assure that most do not have small kids and have no plans of having any. Now, if we’re talking about a school for dogs, then we need one yesterday. lol

    On the other hand – a community/recreation center would be great. There are still a lot of kids of all age groups who need something like a rec center near their home, especially during the winter months.

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