Construction Update – Cityscape at Dakota Crossing


banneker 1

Site Clearing for Cityscape at Dakota Crossing has commenced.   The new townhome development previously known as the Banneker Site is directly across from Fort Lincoln Park and along Fort Lincoln Drive. As stated in my previous post, these are going to be high-end townhomes. After speaking with the developer today I was informed that these homes will set you back somewhere between $650,000 and $699-999 if you get in early (…Lesson Learned) .  Construction on the townhomes will start early 2015;  the Models Homes will be open in the spring of 2015.

Ft. Lincoln BannekerSite

Ft. Lincoln Banneker_Jordan - BZA Application_04-08-2013



20 thoughts on “Construction Update – Cityscape at Dakota Crossing”

  1. WOW! I wonder if they will actually get that price. Any idea who the builder will be, site plan, model floor plans?

  2. The Lafayette Model is selling between $580,000 & $600,000 at the Villages at Dakota Crossing once upgrades are included so the price point doesn’t seem to far off. The homes will have sweeping views of NW DC, so I’m sure that will add value. The builder of the homes will be NVR, I should have floor plans to show some time in August.

  3. Ryan Homes told me today that they are potentially looking at building phase 4 of the Villages at Dakota Crossing on Hurston Lane and Commodore Joshua Barney Dr. However, they are in very very early stages of negotiations on that project. Does anyone have any thoughts on that? With all these new homes popping up, one would have thought the city government would have kept Marshal Elementary School open and planned for a better traffic pattern. It appears that there is poor planning on the part of our elected officials.

  4. RL3 – I agree with you that suggested pricing is not totally out of whack. The views alone is worthy of a premium price.

  5. No, phase 4 is not included in the model plans, but Diane in the sales office mentioned it to me yesterday and said it is in the very early stages of discussions. Nothing is etched in stone yet.

  6. New DC – You said, “Ryan Homes told me today that they are potentially looking at building phase 4 of the Villages at Dakota Crossing on Hurston Lane and Commodore Joshua Barney Dr.”

    With the proposed multi-units and townhomes on the other side of Commodore Joshua Barney Drive and with the village already fully occupied, I don’t see how phase 4 can fit in at that location. Did Diane give more specifics on location?

  7. All she said was that it would probably be a very small project. Maybe 40 town homes or so. If I understood her correctly, Hurston Lane would join the two developments. I really hope that’s not the case because I’d hate for them to take away the nice greenery on Commodore Joshua Barney.

  8. I always thought that ‘little green strip’ between the Village and the new development was a protected area for wild life.

    1. The swale area where the water runs between the sidewalk and where the development is going is protected. There will be a bridge that will span over it to the new development.

  9. I hope it is. I’ve seen families of deer and even a fox a while back. If you hear anymore info on this, please pass it along.

  10. I believe she was referring to the townhome aspect of the multi-family development. They are looking at doing a modified Stauss Model for that location. The term “phase 4” is probably just their internal name for the development until it gets a it’s own name. It’s also directly across the street. The term multi-family development is just a place holder because it’s in its early stages.

  11. I agree with the view on the view…drove past last night…it will be stunning from 20 feet above street level!
    Wish I had the money to buy one of them.
    Guess my single family detached will have to suffice…bummer. 🙂

  12. I live in the Villages and was wondering what was going on at this site. Thank you for the article. Question…. Will the height of these townhomes with roof decks obstruct the view of the city from the park across the street. If so, the neighborhood has lost a beautiful view to those with more means. Hopefully that is not the case.

      1. Thank you, Robert for your reply. You are doing a food job as our ANC. I have a feeling the height of this development got approved before your tenure. The one thing that I think Fort Lincoln has to protect most for all of the good development happening here is the preservation of our outstanding views of the city and the natural landscape that surrounds us. We are incredibly lucky residents of this city. I am not a person against development. There can always be a happy medium. I look forward to attending future ANC meetings. Keep up the good work!

      2. Something to keep in mind is that there is nothing to approve for a by right development unless a zoning variance is required. Cityscape falls with the allowable zoning requirements and does not require any ANC approval. The developer has done a great job working with the anc thus far and listening to our concerns. Expect updates in the next week or so.

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