Lowes Update – Leveling “Mount Lowes”

mount lowes
View of “Mount Lowes” from South Dakota Ave. & V Street. (The most dangerous intersection for pedestrians and bikes in the city.)

Update 5/8/14 – Construction will start on June 1 2014. ( Don’t shoot the messenger if it doesn’t happen, it’s what I’ve been told from the Developer.)

Unofficial sources tell me we should start to see construction activity at the Lowes site some time in June.  This would in turn be the end of that unsightly dirt stock pile, “Mount Lowes” which is now starting to grow its own Forrest. This is about a month later than what was anticipated when I last reported on Lowes from official sources a few months ago.  In any instance there seems to be confidence that its going to happen so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

5 thoughts on “Lowes Update – Leveling “Mount Lowes””

  1. LOL @ “Mount Lowes.” If they wait any longer that mountain will be fully covered with grass. I hope this “unofficial” start date is for real this time. We have definitely had plenty of “start dates.”

  2. Yea I though that it was pretty funny, there were some pretty good runner ups that were probably a lot funnier. Either way, I’m going to reach out today to see if I can find something more concrete regarding the start of construction, but its no easy task.

  3. An actual firm date?! Don’t think we ever had one of those before. This might be the real deal; although I’m a little weary of that date since June 1 is a Sunday. I never know a construction to start on a Sunday. .

    1. It will be on the 2nd. Also in construction there’s mobilization time so don’t be surprised if u don’t see anything until the 5th. What’s important is that a Contractor has an executed Contract to do the work. Once that’s in place all that matters is the substantial completion date not if they start exactly on one specific date. There’s permit review time procurement and delivery of materials that has to be taken into account.

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