3 thoughts on “Mayor Gray Submits Fiscal Year 2015 Budget to Council”

  1. I wast talking to the sale office…… They are saying that construction on the shops will start at the end of this year. However, if it was planned that Lowes comes first, now they are saying that all the smaller shops will be starting a construction at the same time and will be delivered arounf this time next year. We shall see… I am looking at the Hecht, those people totally getting a place ready for the use in the nearest future.

    1. I wish the sales office would just be honest and say “they really don’t know ” instead of telling people the same thing over and over again. In November 2013, they told me that the developer was going to make an official announcement at the beginning of 2014. Here it is almost May 2014, no announcement and no evidence of construction movement. I actually feel sorry for the residents who bought homes at the Dakota Crossing development 7 years ago with the same promise. At least we have Costco, which is better than nothing. I made my decision to purchase solely on the development itself and not the shopping across the street because I didn’t want be disappointed like the people in the development on the other side.

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