New District Gateway Renderings ( By RL3)

Facing West on South Dakota Avenue
Renderings by Robert Looper III –
gateway sd 2 pic
Renderings by Robert Looper III –


Against my better judgment, and due to the lack of development news, I have decided to share some of the renderings I am working on. My “sim city” of sorts depicts my vision for Fort Lincoln and the Washington Gateway as a true gateway (which it is) to the city.  The renderings above depict a mixed used retail, hospitality, and large meeting space development as an anchor to a revitalized Industrial/Office park (Industrial/Office park not shown).  It also features light rail with a dedicated parking garage which would serve portions of South Dakota and New York Avenues to help relieve traffic. In addition, the light rail will serve as a direct connection to the city center for visitors who have hotel accommodations at the District Gateway as well as access to other developments along the NY Ave Corridor. Let me know what your thoughts are?

Disclaimer: Please be advise that these renderings/ideas are just my hobby and are for fun. The renderings and ideas shown do not represent the intent of the current or future land owners, city officials, developers, architects, neither private nor public. I am also not an employee of any of the aforementioned entities.



2 thoughts on “New District Gateway Renderings ( By RL3)”

  1. I admire you vision of Dakota Crossing. I hope one day it will be a reality. I have a question – did you put all the mixed used retail, hospitality, and large meeting space development in the area of the shops? And the train is running just along it? I definitely agree that we need some commute means from here to downtown. DC officials deciding at this point where they want to see street cars running through out DC and I believe this is the time to let them know that we would like to have a line along NY Ave. It also would be nice to have some businesses along NY Ave, so people definitely have a need for public transportation. Thank you for putting your time into it.

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