Fort Lincoln New Town or Dakota Corssing?

The 42  new Town Homes now being marketed as Cityscape at Dakota Crossing
The 42 new Town Homes now being marketed as Cityscape at Dakota Crossing

It appears that the 42 new Townhomes known as the Fort Lincoln Drive Banneker site is now being marketed as ‘Cityscape at Dakota Crossing’ and promises sweeping city views according to The Concordia Group’s website. I don’t mind the name, however, it does bring to question the neighborhood naming structure and if we are in fact becoming two separate neighborhoods.  Often times when describing the neighborhood to friends and colleagues the name Fort Lincoln often results in blank stares. They all know exactly where Dakota Crossing is or more specifically the Townhomes at Costco.   Dakota Crossing, Fort Lincoln’s newest retail and residential community, consist of The Dakota Crossing Town Homes (209 homes), The Villages at Dakota Crossing Townhomes and Condos( 334 homes) The Shops at Dakota Crossing (430,000SF Retail), the soon to be Cityscape at Dakota Crossing Town Homes ( 42 Homes), and potentially 300 new Apartments and 50 new Condos  that could bear the Dakota Crossing Suffix.  This could result in over 1,000 new residents which would account for about half of the population of Fort Lincoln.  Fort Lincoln New Town which consists primarily of senior rental towers, Washington Overlook Apartments @Fort Lincoln and condos which typically carry the Fort Lincoln Suffix.  Typically the homes and residents are older in the ‘New Town’ section of Fort Lincoln however, their relevance are just as important to the fabric of the neighborhood. However, at the current rate and scale of new developments carrying the Dakota Crossing Suffix I believe that overtime Dakota Crossing will become the prominent name when referencing the entire neighborhood.   Just my opinion, what do you think?

3 thoughts on “Fort Lincoln New Town or Dakota Corssing?”

  1. If you look at DC as a whole, there’s a whole new re-naming convention going on in the city. So it doesn’t surprise me that it’s also going on in this part of the city as well. I think the ultimate outcome is that (1) the area, like most of DC will have two names and (2) you’ll be able to tell where people are from or more about the person if they use the new name vs the old name. But both names are in existence right now and probably will stay that way. Its up to the city residents to keep up the memories that exist under the previous names.

    1. The older naming conventions and even the street names commemorate the historic aspect of the neighborhood, while the newer street names memorialize the names of the developer’s family. It’s not likely the name will change but thought it was an interesting point. Thanks for the comments!

  2. RL3 – you’re probably right about the two separate neighborhoods. You’ll be surprised by the number of DC residents who do not know where Fort Lincoln is located. You can’t really blame them though. Compared to other neighborhoods in DC, Fort Lincoln is relatively new. Some people confuse it with Lincoln Park, which is in Capitol Hill. It doesn’t help the matter that the developer chose to use “Dakota Crossing” in the naming instead of Fort Lincoln, which could have helped define the area. Even your own blog focuses more on the new area.

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