Development News Update (Catching Up)

Photo Courtesy of The Washington Post

Good-Bye Wal-Mart; Hello… Dance Party?  The planned Wal-Mart Development located between  New York Ave. and Bladensburg Road has fallen through and the parcel is now up for sale. According to the Washington Business Journal, Councilman Vincent Orange wants to turn it into a Entertainment District. Doesn’t seem sustainable at first glance however, Mr. Orange will hear from me fairly soon on this one. Vincent Orange sees Wal-Mart’s end on New York Avenue NE as an Opportunity ( WBJ)

New Apartments, Planet Fitness, & Mom’s Organic Market Planned for Hecht’s District  The Ceremonial Ground Breaking took place last week for the Hecht’s District which included the announcement of a Planet Fitness Gym.  I reached out to the Developer of the Shops at Dakota Crossing to see how this announcement impacts retail selection at the Shops and it was explained that none of the recent activity/announcements at other projects has had any effect on the Shops.  However, no details could be given on who the actual retailers are  at this time for the Shops.  Officials Dig Into a Sandbox to Launch Transformation of Hecht Building (WCP)

Lowes Update  The Washington Business Journal also announced that the Contract with Lowes has been signed and Construction is slated for this summer.  I did verify  with other Sources close to the Project and was told that this could start as early as May.  This should also include the connector road to Ft. Lincoln Drive however, if no traffic infrastructure is in place ( i.e. Electronic Signals) this is a disaster waiting to happen.  Lowe’s to join Costco at D.C.’s Shops at Dakota Crossing (WBJ)

Also… Did you know that the Days Inn on New York Ave. was being used as a homeless shelter…  City Faces a Growing Crisis in Housing Homeless Families (WCP)

2 thoughts on “Development News Update (Catching Up)”

  1. Thanks for the update RL3.

    Where did you get that information that Lowes is under contract? The “WBJ” linked article is dated January 1, 2013,


    1. That is correct, I didn’t bother posting it earlier because it was information that most people already had thought occurred… I have unofficial sources people who are not directly connected to the Developer who may pass on credible information from time to time .

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