Fort Lincoln Development Update

Ft. Lincoln Banneker_Jordan - BZA Application_04-08-2013

Banneker Site Town Homes – Permits are in for the 42 Townhomes at the Banneker site which borders Fort Lincoln Drive. According to sources at the Concordia Group the project is progressing as planned and site work is slated to start around mid-year 2014. During the  FLCA meeting last year, the Developers noted that these will be the premier homes of Fort Lincoln, featuring roof top decks, high-end exterior surfaces and interior finishes, as well as breath taking views of the city.  Prices were thought to be in the Upper $500,000 to Lower $600,000 range.

New Apartments? – During the heavy snow fall last week I did notice that drilling was taking in place in the wetlands Area along Hurston Lane.  This type drilling typically means that test bores are being taken to analyze the soil conditions for construction of a road or building structure.  It is possible that the construction of the Apartments is starting soon, I will need to research a little further.

Shops at Dakota Crossing – Lowes is apparently still on, however, due to the amount of remaining earthwork, will start once weather conditions improve.  Will keep my fingers crossed there.  Due to the recent grocery store saturation within proximity to the Shops at Dakota Crossing ( Costco, Shoppers, Wal-Mart, Giant, Whole Foods, &etc.) it’s not likely that the 3rd large retail space will be a grocery store.  The vendor selection is still not finalized however, it is likely to be a Fitness Center Tenant. I will get with Bob King (ANC Commissioner) to start posting polls for what types of smaller retail residents would  like to see to be able to influence the decisions for that retail.  However, as we all know the decision ultimately falls with the Developer and market conditions.

The map below shows the current master plan for Fort Lincoln.

Fort  Lincoln Master plan

4 thoughts on “Fort Lincoln Development Update”

  1. This is really good info RL3. I was thinking the same thing in reference to a grocery store. However, I think a grocery store should still be part of the development. With all the additional new townhomes and apartments you just mentioned plus the homes/apartments/condos already in the whole Fort Lincoln area, we need a convenient grocery store for our basic needs. Costco is great but it’s not a regular grocery store. Not everyone in the Fort Lincoln area have cars, so those new options you mentioned are still too far away for the residents in the area, Harris Teeter will be perfect for that “proposed” grocery store space. . Most of them are not that big and they are usually located close to other grocery stores like the one on Jefferson Davis Highway in VA, which is right down street from the Potomac Yards. I think there is more than enough people in the area to support a Harris Teeter.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree. The Walmart is no longer coming. That Shoppers on Bladensburg should simply be closed. And the grocery stores on H Street should not be considered readily accessible. I’d prefer if it were a Wegmans or Harris Teeter as well. Give the cost of the new housing, I agree that the residents would certainly support it.

      1. I would recommend giving Bob King (ANC Commissioner) a call or email, he stated that they were looking for input from residents on what smaller retail would take priority. I was an avid Costco Shopper last year but have only been there once or twice this year mostly for gas. A small grocery store chain would be ideal, Costco just isn’t for everyday shopping.

  2. I agree that it still needs a grocery store. The Shoppers on Bladensburg is abysmal. I live walking distance to it, but still drive out to the Giant by Rhode Islam Metro to go shopping.

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