Detailed Bike Trail Plans From Fort Lincoln to NOMA & Anacostia Riverwalk Trail

Bike Trail Connections from Ft Lincoln to NOMA and AWI Page 001

Bike Trails from Fort Lincoln
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Just a few of the plans sent to We Move DC for Bike Trail connections from Fort Lincoln to NOMA and the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. Please note that these are just submitted ideas but definitely a step in the right direction. Is this a path you would take to get downtown given the right development?

One thought on “Detailed Bike Trail Plans From Fort Lincoln to NOMA & Anacostia Riverwalk Trail”

  1. I was going to email this to you, but they may be better to go here. We spoke about this the other day, but I wanted to provide three links to some things referring to what I was talking about.

    This first one is an overall initiative to make DC more bikeable and walkable and includes a walkable bridge across the Anacostia at NY Avenue.

    The second is a Corridor Study for New York Avenue that includes a number of things, including what I stated above:

    Click to access NY_Ave_Study.pdf

    And the third talks about the construction of a riverwalk from Aquatic Gardens In Kenilworth to (I believe) the Bladensburg Waterfront.

    To my understanding, the third project is underway, but I am not certain about the first two

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