Natural Habitat or Overgrown Disaster – Wetlands @ Dakota Crossing

WetLands in The Spring of 2013.
Wetlands Spring of 2013.

The Wetlands at Dakota Crossing once started out as a barren anomaly transformed into a beautiful migratory retreat for birds and is now transitioning into an overgrown disaster. has questioned the aesthetic finish and long term maintenance plan for the Wetlands area and have yet to receive an acceptable or even comprehensible response. Now our worse fears are unfolding because not only is it over growing the construction fence ( which also needs maintenance) but no one and I mean no one seems to know who’s responsible for maintaining the wetlands after the development team and construction crews are gone. I encourage all residents to contact Bob King your ANC rep as well as the developer and the DC Department of Parks & Recreation to get to the bottom of who’s maintaining the wetlands. Moreover, the responsible entity need to provide a rendering of what the final product is intended to look like aesthetically so the responsible entity can be held accountable to a Design Standard.
Wetlands Fall of 2013.
Wetlands Fall of 2013.

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